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      Master, College of Conscious Sedation American Dental Society of Anesthesiology 


  1. Our Practice is a Full Time Dental Anesthesia Practice. It is set up for sedation dentistry and The Sedation Doctor is here full time. We have the instrumentation and medications that not only meets but exceeds the Nebraska State Dental Board requirements on dental anesthesia in the office. We have a Surgical Suite dedicated to dental anesthesia. All of the Team is trained in providing Monitored Anesthesia Care. MAC for short.  We work together every day. 
  2. We treat patients as individually. Scheduling is simplified and we are able to appoint and treat patients for extensive treatment much sooner than hospitals or expensive outpatient surgical centers.  The same goes for big group dental centers with part time anesthesia nurses that have to process dozens of patients daily and where you will be just another anonymous patient to rush through.  Time is money. And big practices need a lot of it.
  3. Dr. Starkey specializes in comprehensive general dentistry. That means all phases of treatment can be done in one practice and often at the same visit. Sedation dentistry allows more work to be done in one extended visit for in today's modern society time is the most valuable commodity. Patients have more to do than just go to the dentist. As mentioned before the old cliché "Time is money."
  4. Even if anesthesia is something you do not need we are set up to provide calm comfortable quiet visits.  We do NOT double book patients for dental surgery. Our focus is on the patient as an individual. The Practice uses State of the Art Swiss manufactured Bien Aire electric hand piece system while it is much more expensive than air driven drills the benefit is they are quiet and they prepare a tooth more smoothly and gently. Loud annoying noise creates stress and anxiety and is known to cause loss of hearing for dentists. There is no loud screeching air pressured high speed drills  that you are so familiar with and that stress the patient and make the staff go deaf.
  5. Your safety is our primary concern. For older patients it is advisable to have an IV line in place and supplemental medications given to make the procedure easier during and post operative recovery easier. For patients with acute infections we can provide IV anti biotics not just write a prescription so the patient gets needed antibiotic treatment into the patient's system faster than oral can.  And it can be done in  addition to oral antibiotics for a more powerful and faster tx.
  6. Parenteral (IV) Dentistry is actually safer for the patient than just having local anesthetic because an IV line is in place for any emergency. We cover patient's nose with a nasal hood that provides oxygen and or nitrous oxide. This is to protect the patient from breathing in tooth particles and aerosols from dental procedures.  For dental procedures we utilize rubber dams and screens because we want to prevent patient from swallowing particles or tiny instruments and crowns. While Dr. Starkey does not provide General Anesthesia he  is trained in providing general anesthesia so can provide airway support if needed.
  7. Competence. Dr, Starkey has provided over 2,500 sedation dentistry treatments safely since 1985. Dr. Starkey was trained under Dr. Stanley Malamed at the University of Southern California. He is licensed and permitted for sedation by the State of Nebraska. He was only the fourth doctor to obtain that standing. Dr. Starkey is the only general dentist in Nebraska that has achieved  Master of Conscious Sedation in the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.
  8. Dental Implants- Our practice provides both the placement of dental implants and bone grafting as well as placement of implant crowns and teeth. Dr. Starkey is working toward Associate Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and has placed over 500 implants.
  9. Teeth in a day or a tooth in an hour. We are trained to place implants and teeth on the same day.
  10. As you have heard or seen on the Clear Choice or Golpa web sites. Their quality and their expertise is excellent. Their facilities comprehensive and a lab on site. The primary difference is price. Our fees are less than half the cost of their teeth in a day. Otherwise we use labs with scanners to accurately digitize models impressions and the crowns and teeth are cut from zirconium. The hardest material and metal free. By using Glidewell Labs we get the best fit of dental crowns and bridges than we have ever obtained in 40 years of dental lab work. By using Glidewell we are able to save the patient money by not having a lab on site. In addition having a lab integrated with practice has definite advantages it also adds a layer of complexity and higher expense. 
  11. When applicable 3 D scanare advised. Because of the complexity of reading a 3D scan and because there is so much information on it we prefer to refer our patients to Creighton Dental School for three reasons: 1. It is most affordable 2. Creighton has a Dental Radiology Specialist on staff who is trained in  analyzing the results. and 3. The patient is able to get an opinion regarding treatment that is more objective because it is interpreted by a third party.
  12. For dental Implants digital scans can be used to create surgical guides to help more accurate placement of dental implants.
  13. Low prices not just compared to Clear Choice but overall. Sweet Dreams Dentistry has the lowest prices in the Omaha area for sedation dentistry and for dental implants. Except for Creighton Dental School. Creighton is a great place to have dental implants. It is state of the art with their new dental building and if you have the time no private practice can compete with them. It is a great school Great Instructors and I went to school there.
  14. We take most insurances and have no inte3Drest budget plans to help you get the smile you need and want. For All on Four type fixed bridge work we have available exceptional low cost financing.
  15. Courtesy. We do our best to respect our patients and understand that it can be embarrassing to some regarding their dental condition. We understand how you feel. We do not judge our patients but we do praise them for coming in to address their dental concerns and to do the very thing that many of them have avoided for years.

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