Implants are NOT for every one

One must take into consideration several variables

  1. Does the patient even want implants?
  2. Age. This is a tough one. Age does not matter what matters is what the patient wants to be healthier and whole.
  3. The medical condition of patient. For example, Patients with controlled diabetes can have implants patients that are not controlled will have failed implants.
  4. The financial ability of patient to pay for implants
  5. the patient requirement to come in for regular check up and cleanings because implants can fail from gum disease.
  6. Is the patient happy with his dentures and not concerned about continuing bone loss.
  7. Patients that use tobacco a lot,
  8. Patients on certain medications.
  9. Patients that don't care about their teeth
  10. Patients that do not have enough bone and bone graft is too difficult or expensive
  11. Patients that would prefer fixed bridge as less invasive especially if the teeth on either side of missing tooth could benefit by crowns. This would save patient time and money.
  12. Patients that prefer non invasive dentures or partial removable dentures.
  13. There are other reasons such as the relatives and loved ones don't want patient to have implants. Unless interested parties are okay with patient having implants there is often unhappy patients later.
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