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Assess your own smile

1. Are you pleased with the general appearance of your teeth, gums and smile? If not please explain. And for all of the other questions please add comments about how your teeth related to the question asked.

2. Are your teeth straight? If not please describe:

3. Are there spaces between  your front teeth? Describe

4.  Do you have black holes or triangles at the gum line between the teeth that are touching each other? Where? how many and how big? When did you notice them? Are they getting bigger?

5. Is your smile symmetrical? That is to ask does the right side teeth look the same size and shape as the left side teeth. This is one of the most important concepts in cosmetic dentistry: that the right central and left central incisor should be  mirror images. Then the lateral incisors, and then the canines. As you go further away from midline the symmetry can be come less without big notice most important is the centrals and then lateral incisors. Are you missing a lateral incisor? That is not uncommon. And while experts say an asymmtrical smileis considered not attractive. The photos of these two celebrities to the left would say otherwise. Both are missing lateral incisors.

6. The mid line. Do your upper teeth line up so that the central incisors are in the middle of a line between your mid nose and mid chin? How does the lower teeth line up? The upper midline  is more important.

7.  Do your teeth look longer than they use to? Does it seem like the gums are receding?

8.  Are the margins of your gums which are next to the teeth light pink and with tiny stipples? That is a sign of good health. Or are they red and puffy margins? That is a sign of gum disease.

9.  Are you satisfied with the color of your teeth?

10.  How do you like the size and shape of your teeth?

11.  Do you notice white spots on the surfaces of the teeth? Did you use to wear braces?

12.  Do you have stains are brown black areas on  our teeth?

13.  Are any of your teeth chipped or do you have incisal wear like in the picture to the left? 

14.  Do your teeth protrude or stick out? a Healthy over jet is about 2 mm. Or a tenth of an inch. That is a measure between your lower front teeth and upper front teeth distance.

15.  Do you have sharp fang like cusps on your canines?

16.  How much of an over bite do you have? the ideal over bite is 10 to   20 % or do you have a cross bite like in the picture?

17.  Gummy smile. Do you have a gummy smile? They are okay to have. It just depends on how much gum shows.

18.  Do you have old fillings or can you see old stained composites when you smile? Can you see dark fillings on your side teeth when you look in the two mirrors?

19.Do you get food stuck between your front teeth?

20.  Are  your gums puffy or swollen? Do they bleed easily?

21. What would you most like to change about the appearance of your teeth?


22. How would you like your teeth to look?

Anatomy of a Smile - Smile Esthetics 101 (

Take a mirror and another mirror on the wall perhaps so you can see your smile from the front and from the side. Take your time and answer each question as clearly and accurately as you can. Your answers will help us create options for you to discuss and refine so that you finally obtain a treatment plan that is optimum for you at this point in time.

This is a photo from which Old Market Restaurant?  It is of a Wyoming Cattle Drive in the dead of winter.