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Avoid the Dentist?

Now why would  you want to do that?

Before the industrial revolution and for the 100,000-millions of years prior most humans died from bad teeth.

Isn't that interesting? Who would have guessed that it was human's teeth that decided how well and how long a homo sapien would live?

So don't be a neanderthal see your dentist for a check up and cleaning. Your big advantage to day is you can have the dentistry done and make it a pleasant experience with IV Dentistry.

I will say most everyone can at least reduce the frequency of having to see the dentist by following a healthy life style, lay off the acidic beverages and sweets as much as possible (for me, giving up sweets is impossible), excellent oral hygiene with excellent home care, and professionally cleaned teeth as often as needed for your particular situation.

Having said that there are some options regarding treatment that is elective which by avoiding the dentist can save you a mouth full of money.

For example Smile aligners and snap on veneers and teeth.

Actually even dentures or partial dentures can be done without you needing to see a dentist. Now the work is not perfect, perhaps it is even marginal improvement instead of what you really want. But by detouring around the dentist or specialist you save money and you at least get an improved smile or bite that you need ASAP for a date, or job interview of having to be in public.  You can have

some cosmetic work that can give you an opportunity to look good until you get wealthy enough for complex dentistry done in a dental practice.

You can even screen yourself for oral cancer and I recommend it. But for legal purposes I must tell you that your are suppose to see a health professional that my suggestions are wrong, that things can turn out worse. And you could have cancer that you did not see or cavities you could not ascertain without a dentist or oral surgeon evaluation. Got that? Everything I said was wrong you must see a dentist for correct diagnoses. 

What I have offered is only a guide. So don't go calling a lawyer because things didn't turn out like you wanted or you had cancer you did not see. I just told you to see a health professional. You are responsible for your oral health NOT me.

As long as we understand each other, OK?

So hints and tips and ideas for those of you who will take responsibility for themselves.