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Here are some  of the reasons patients give for dental phobia or anxiety or stress about the dentist:

  1. Bad experience when a child
  2. Painful experience such as root canal or difficult extraction
  3. Unable to get numb
  4. Strong gag reflex
  5. the smell of the dental office
  6. the close proximity of the dentist and staff cause claustrophobia
  7. panic attacks
  8. Tendency toward feinting
  9. low blood sugar
  10. generalized anxiety
  11. airway problems
  12. back pain
  13. restlessness
  14. Claustrophobia
  15. Renaud's Syndrome
  16. White Coat Syndrome
  17. Atrial Fib
  18. Geriatric patients- supplemental oxygen and distress of cardiac muscle and having an IV line open for emergencies is important
  19. Patient's with certain medical compromises

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In office IV/moderate sedation is NOT for everyone of course.

Aside from those who just are not bothered by dental treatment there are patients with medical/health issues that should not have IV sedation. Patient's with ASA status III should only be seen in a hospital setting. Patients that cannot get an escort; patient's that cannot walk up a flight of stairs.