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Below are photos of a bone grafting procedure that Dr. Starkey performed.


Platelet rich fibrin

This is a clot that is made up of your own natural fibrin concentrated and compressed. It can be used to cover extraction site bone grafts or to fill a socket in lieu of bone grafting or to fill a defect in jaw bone. This is your own body's natural tissue rebuilding compound. The clot makes it possible for us to create a barrier against debris getting into a wound area and it promotes healing faster and with less discomfort. 

PRF is useful in regeneration of soft tissue known as connective tissue

Bone Regeneration Methods in our Practice

w/ platelet rich plasma                  w/ platelet rich fibrin                    w/ commercial Growth factors

There is now available in implant dentistry commercial stem cells and progenitor cells that aid in successful bone grafting. It is very useful in dental implant critical care. When an implant has lost bone  and it is desirable to try  to salvage or save the implant and regrow lost bone.

Osteocel is one such product made by Ace Surgical Supply. 

It is expensive and requires special care but it has a hundred times more of the stem cell type elements than a dentist can retrieve from centrifuging a pint of the patient's blood. In fact it is sometimes desirable to mix the PRP of patient with the Osteocel. 

However Osteocel by itself is far superior to amount of growth cells that can be gained in PRP procedure. 

Below is one example of treating a failing dental implant. The implant was failing due to plaque and germs around the implant due to lack of good home care and not going to the dentist for regular cleanings.

Guided Bone Regeneration

With today's modern technology in our practice we can concentrate the patients platelets into what is called PRP or platelet rich plasma; with fibrin  & Ca+  as accelerators all mixed in bone graft material we are able to rebuild missing jaw bone more predictability.

In addition the healing is faster, the results closer to optimum (there is no such thing as perfection), less discomfort, and faster healing.

For soft tissue like gums we are able to centrifuge out a small concentration of stem cells and these cells help the gum tissue reform faster.

More recent studies indicate that a PRF or platelet rich fibrin clot packed in the defect to the left would result in equal to that of bone grafting and PRF/PRP combination.

Reasons for platelet rich plasma treatment

Platelet rich plasma application is now widely used to expedite the post-procedure healing process and is completely safe. Since the blood used will come from the patient’s own body, disease transmission is not a factor. Almost all patients report a much greater degree of comfort immediately after their procedure. There are also several more distinct advantages of PRP:

Lower Infection Risk – PRP is smeared thickly on the wound after the procedure by the dentist and actually seals the wound away from infectious agents, lowering the risk of problems.
Accelerated Healing – The saturation of the wound with PRP helps increase tissue synthesis due to its growth factors, and this in turn results in faster tissue regeneration. Speedier healing decreases the risk of later infections, complications, and discomfort.
Safety and Convenience – Disease transmission is non-issue since the blood is harvested from the patient’s own blood supply. The amount of blood needed is small and can be collected during a routine outpatient

To see how we create PRF here is a Youtube video:

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