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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

          Informed Consent                for Crowns and Bridges     as well as Onlays and Inlays

Crowns and Post Build Ups

& Informed Consent

There are benefits and advantages to crowns, onlays.


95% of the crowns we provide are made at Glidewell Labs in California. They digitize the impressions and a computerized milling machine cuts the tooth or teeth out of a block of synthetic gemstone material known as zirconium. You would know it as the material that is used to create fake diamonds.

It is the strongest material that is tooth colored that I know of and it is unbreakable for  95 percent of the patients. The fit from Glidewell labs is the best I have had in 35 years plus of making crowns. 

Crowns are also known as "caps."

The purpose of the crown is to cover the stump of a tooth completely so that is stronger and less likely to decay.

When there is not enough tooth structure for a filling or an onlay then a crown is advised.

Crowns are useful. They can last for 10 to 20 years. Sometimes it is the only way a dentist can restore a tooth because there is a lack of tooth structure.

Crowns can be made chair side as a temporary or provisional which is usually needed in most offices.

At a future time a lab fabricated crown can be made for the tooth that is not made out of plastic but metal and ceramic or all metal like gold, or all ceramic.

Crowns are needed for bridge work. If you replace a missing tooth that is between two teeth it may be necessary to cut them down so that crowns and a false tooth canm