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Note: The advantage of this plan especially for the lower is that if you decide to have a fixed lower bridge in the future you will already have implants in place for the ceramic bridge. However if you know you will not be going to fixed bridge work I recommend the mini implants for over denture listed below because  it is half the price and works as well or better than larger diameter over dentures on the lower arch.

Mini implants for over dentures special

Four regular sized Dental Implants and a removable over denture that can be removed for easier home care. 

Implants and removable denture can be placed the same day

Conditions apply of course. For example there has to be enough bone to place implants. This does not include anesthesia fees, 3 D xray, nor extractions, nor bone grafting for example

There are many options available to you.

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Here is a list of what most patients want to know. If there is additional service not listed you can give Dr. Starkey's Team a call and we can discuss pricing. It is important for you to know that every patient is a unique human being; you know that means conditions apply. Thus we are listing "ideal" patient characteristics. Many patients we see are outside "perfect patient" status. Though Dr. Starkey may be the perfect dentist. He is not allowed to market himself as perfect. The state dental board has laws against dentists having a high opinion of themselves. 

Mini implants work best when they are used to hold dentures in place in areas where there is a lack of bone and the bone is hard. The lower jaw is generally the best place.

Our special for overdenture mini implants is

4 mini implants and connected to patients existing bridge only $2495

If a new dentures are required then the cost for the lower arch would be 3995 and up.

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For New patients 

Initial Consultation No Charge

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Initial Panoramic X ray (like the one to the right)  No charge

Second Opinion   No Charge

Dr. Starkey advises patients to have second opinion even when he is the first doctor the patient has consulted with. For peace of mind and for different perspective. For some patients Dr. Starkey will recommend referral to Creighton Dental School for a 3D scan of the mouth. CU has a dental radiology specialist that reviews the results. 3D scans can be complex to interpret. And the scans reveal more than just the teeth and bone. Since it is a teaching institution the fee is very affordable considering you get an automatic second opinion from a Dental Radiology Specialist.​ 

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