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Here is the good bad and ugly about dentures. Actually this fellow had nothing good to say about dentures

Implants are NOT for everyone.

There will always be patients in need of dentures. advantages of dentures outweigh disadvantages for some patients. Some of my happiest patients and most appreciative of our dental work were patients who we made dentures for. These are patients who suffered for years with bad gums and bad teeth and were unhappy with themselves because of their bad smile. Socially these patients were withdrawn. Implants are not advisable for patients with certain medical problems such as uncontrolled diabetes, patients who lack ridges have to under go significant invasive bone grafting which is high risk, then there is the expense of implants. Some patients do not want to have any surgery on their mouth.

What are the benefits of Removable Full or Partial Dentures compared to Dental Implant Fixed Bridgework

  1. Primarily Dentures are a fraction of the cost of full arch of implants and ceramic teeth.
  2. Dentures are NON invasive. It means that with some exceptions there is no surgery required to have a denture made.
  3. Patients with medical problems of certain types should not have implants. For example, patients with uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding problems,  and other.
  4. Patients that are happy wearing dentures.
  5. Patients that do not want to go to dentist or hygienist for frequent professional cleanings.
  6. Patients that will not or do not want to do the meticulous home care required to keep gums and implants healthy.
  7. Patients that do not have a long time horizon for their life.
  8. In many instances dentures are more cosmetic or esthetic than dental implants.
  9. Much less time is required to have dentures made compared to final dental implant work.
  10. Today we can make digitized dentures for our patients. They are more accurate fitting than standard dentures
  11. We can for patients with a hard bite make dentures with metal cast base. The advantages are the fit is superior, the material is thinner than plastic and the dentures are harder to break!

Digitized Dentures

Dentures can be man's inhumanity to man or the best thing to ever happen to a patient.

But finally there has been a significant advance in Denture construction. The first real advance in a hundred years.Today the state of the art in dentures is scanning and creating digitized models that fit ideally and from  there your dentures are created. The result is a better fit and bite than dentures have been in the past. A CAD/CAM milling machine computer controlled creates your dentures and partial dentures. The result is more exact than an expert lab tech hand waxing the case alone.

Again all things being equal implants are better than dentures but all things are NOT equal. Implants are not for every one even though the chart below would make you think that is the case. There are good reasons to have dentures and not implants depending on patients time in life and financial condition

as well as health, and satisfaction with dentures,

along with the fact that dentures are much easier to 

clean and care for than implants.

The above chart makes it sound like dentures are never a good idea. Of course that is NOT true. It is interesting to note that the only improvement since George Washington's wooden dentures was plastic. The first modern dental implants were done in 1950 by some daring dental surgeons but it was not until the late 1980's that implants started to become main stream reliable treatment; dentures themselves still had not improved over the last hundred years. Check just about any dental office and what you will find a box of old dentures that patients could not tolerate or broke or wore out. See photo above. Now however there is finally a significant advance in dentures themselves. CAD/CAM Dentures machined from a computer. For a more accurate fit.

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