The problem for patients however is the shockingly high cost of implant fixed bridge work.  In our practice we have done our best to make implant bridges affordable. The cost for implant bridge work in our practice is about half of most Omaha dental practices.

It is interesting to note that until the 1980s the biggest improvement since George Washington's wooden teeth is plastic teeth. Check just about any dental office and what you will find a box of old dentures that patients could not tolerate.

Dentures can be man's inhumanity to man or the best thing to ever happen to a patient.

I suppose there will always be patients in need of dentures. The advantages of dentures outweigh disadvantages for some patients. Some of my happiest patients and most appreciative of my dental work were patients who we made dentures for. These are patients who suffered for years with bad gums and bad teeth and were unhappy with themselves because of their bad smile. Socially these patients were withdrawn.

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