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Gum disease is an inflammatory disease caused by bacteria and the toxins bacteria create.

The human body responds to the bacteria invasion by ordering up the white blood cell immune system.

The HPA Axis goes to work it is the endocrine complex that creates steroids to calm down the immune system over reacting. Gum disease is a chronic disease that is not limited to your mouth. The bacteria and toxins get in the blood steam and get in the gut so the body's defense system has to go through out your structure. This is hard on the glands. It over works. It cannot manage the immune system adequately and the result is destruction of your own body.

Infusion Therapy permits the patient to have anti oxidants placed into the circulatory system so they are not broken down in the digestive system and go right into the body where they can reinforce the TPH endocrine organs.

In addition we  are able to give the body extra vitamin C in the blood stream where it can go right to work. Collegen fibers make up the gum tissue and Collegen is made from vitamin C.

Finally we can provide patient with IV antibiotics that once again are more effective against bacteria because it goes directly into the blood stream.

Finally we can place a steroid in the IV to help your own anti inflammatory system calm down the body's over reaction to the bacteria and toxins attacking your body. The steroid reduces swelling and heat  and bleeding.

Now of course YOU have to do your part in maintaining excellent oral hygiene which includes flossing.

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