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Here is a quick look at the steps

1st the patient's chief complaint and secondary complaints

2nd A review of patients Health/mental status.

3rd an objective evaluation that includes impressions and xrays and three D scans as well as photographs and impressions and an accurate bite relationship.

4th- the diagnoses.. there can be more than one

5th- The etiology. That is to say what is or was the cause of the patient's conditions.

6th- What is the prognoses. That is to say what is going to happen short and long term with or with out treatment,

7th- What are the options and what are the benefits risks advantages and disadvantages as to how it relates to the patient.

Many patients in need of comprehensive dental care or who want to understand their dental/oral condition better are not given the option of a comprehensive diagnostic work up. That is unfortunate because the mouth is a complex organ and patients end up getting just patch work treatment. Iatrogenic treatment that results in more difficult dental and gum problems later.

Many significant complications that occur later providing a careful diagnoses and treatment plan is developed.

For example in the case of dental implants they can be put in at the wrong angle, there could be a lack of bone, there could be damage to nerves or sinus problems or infections.

In addition it may be that a solution better than say implants can be determined.

It takes great wisdom on the part of the dentist to create solutions/ options that are in the best interest of the patient. For example we may do one thing that helps the patient look better  but may not function well or last very long. Those are three variables the dentist is most interested in.

Generally patients are most concerned with "How bad will it hurt?" How much will it cost and how long will it take.  It takes understanding the patients interests and needs stated and unstated in order to have a patient that is happy with dental treatment.

Diagnostic Work Up

Why You Would Want and Need Diagnostic Work Up

While dental implant procedures are  becoming more common, predictable, and last many decades, that is certainly NOT all implants and it ignores the other half of the dentist's challenge: the longevity function and esthetics of the crowns and bridgework.  

There are Scientific Studies reporting 95% success rate for dental implants; what ought to be kept in mind is that these are carefully selected patients, not compromised cases, and a handful of extraordinarily talented dental implantologists and prosthodontists. As brilliant as these professionals are they also rely on the critical details of a diagnostic workup/