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The standard of dentistry today is the use of 3-D scans, ie "CAT" scans for when there is more complicated dentistry such as implants. Now it is NOT always needed when treatment is straightforward and the scan would not be of much benefit.

We refer our patients to Creighton University School of Dentistry to have the 3D scan done and evaluated.

Dr. Benn for example is a board certified dental radiologist. That is quite a rare specialty and we in Omaha are lucky to have his expertise.

By having a dental radiologist examine your scan you are getting an expert second opinion.

There are sometimes other issues diagnosed on the scan that a general dentist might not pick up.

For example the dental radiologists at CU picked up a severe cardiovascular blockage of neck arteries on a patient of ours who had just been cleared by her cardiologist for dental implant care.

Also found have been neoplasms (growths) sinus infections, failing root canal treatments.

The patient pays Creighton for the scan and evaluation. It is the dental school rate so very affordable.

Trivial Pursuit Quiz.

What was the original profession of the scientist that invented the CAT scan?

see below

It was a Dentist.

The Diagnostic Work Up

If we are successful in managing Phase I (Systemic) and II (any dental emergency then we will re evaluate your your dental condition and create a long term plan which begins with Phase III which is the surgical phase.

Just as in Medicine in more complicated cases such as dental implants, orthodontics, crown and bridge work, bone grafting a thorough workup is required. It does cost more but can save the patient time and money in the long run and result in a better outcome.

Sometimes a medical consult is required at this phase and not at dental emergency due to the urgent condition. And often in complicated implant cases where patients wish to have help from their Medical Insurance MD consults are helpful.