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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
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Dr. Starkey specializes in comprehensive general dentistry. And has performed these procedures since graduation from Creighton University in 1981.

had years of practice in performing these procedures:

Cosmetic Dentistry, dentures, root canal treatment, along with crowns and fillings as well as periodontal gum treatment.

Dr. Mike Starkey's Qualifications

Doctor's Dental Implant Qualifications

Dr. Starkey is uniquely qualified to provide both surgical placement of dental implants as well as the teeth and bridgework over the implants and all at one convenient location.

Doctor is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is currently working toward his Associate Fellowship in the AAID.


NOT ALL implant procedures are done in his office. There are complex problems that require coordinated effort between the implant surgeon and the resorting dentist. This happens usually in cases of inadequate bone, such as severe atrophy of the lower or upper jaw. or if there are medical issues. In some instances there are difficult cosmetic problems and care must be taken to include a periodontist as well as an oral surgeon. If there is a bad bite it may be that an orthodontist and oral surgeon are wise to have in the treatment process. These particular  situations are not the most common; they do create very expensive treatment options but the patient deserves to know what optimum treatment would be and should be able to make her own decision on treatment.

Most cases can be handled in the practice. The benefits to the patient is better continuity of care, more expedient, less complexity, and less cost.

Dr. Starkey has placed over 400 endosseous implants. Endosseous implants are the type of implants most always used in dental practices.

Doctor has received post graduate training in dental implants and bone grafting and restorative work at both UCLA and USC Dental schools as well as Creighton University Dental School Continuing Education in dental implants.

Bone grafting is a critical skill to have in order to properly place dental implants. The problem for the dentist and surgeon in most instances is lack of available bone. Dr. Starkey has performed sinus lift bone grafts all with success.

​Dr. Starkey places mini implants when it is appropriate treatment. For example he has found that for lower over dentures with dental implants mini implants are actually more retentive than the regular diameter dental implants and mini implants  can be placed with less risk and less complication and faster results.

There is a place for mini implants for patients with narrow ridges or small mouths. It is important to acknowledge that it takes more mini implants to do the job of a single regular diameter or large diameter implant. BUT there are exceptions. Dr. Starkey has placed single mini implant instead of a single regular implant in certain situations because it eliminated the need for complex bone grafting and the concomitant risk of grafting and wider diameter dental implants. Thus the conclusion to made is mini implants have their place in implantology under certain conditions.

Dr. Starkey's

Anesthesia Credentials &

Who We Treat

Dr. Starkey is the only general dentist in the State of Nebraska that has achieved "Master" in the College of Conscious of Conscious Sedation American Society of Dental Anesthesia. He has provided parental sedation (IV/sleep dentistry) since 1985 and has safely performed over

3000 cases.

The dental surgery suite has state of the art instrumentation to assure safe comfortable visits for our patients: Capnography, auto BP, ECG, PO2, Respiratory Rates, precordial stethoscope, and a dedicated sedation monitor.

Dr. Starkey is the only general dentist in Nebraska qualified to use Propofol; the most successfully used and safest anesthesia used in the world today.

Dr. uses NO narcotics for anesthesia therefore patient's have a safer experience and quicker recovery.

Doctor has IV permit and license from the State of Nebraska #004. He was the fourth dentist in the state to obtain such a permit. Our offices are periodically inspected by the state Dental Board to assure that treatment, charting, instrumentation, and procedures and medications are in the best interest of the patient. 

​While Dr. Starkey does NOT provide general anesthesia he is trained to intubate patients for general anesthesia and for emergency life support. He is also trained in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support).

There is plans for a nurse anesthetist to come to our practice to provide general anesthesia. But at present such cases being rare are referred to UNMC.

Dr. Starkey provides IV sedation and other sedation for ASA Type I and ASA Type II.

These are basically healthy patients that may or may not have medical problems but the medical conditions are under control. Patients with ASA III and higher are referred to UNMC or other hospital. Such patients need a team of doctors and full on anesthesiologist. Dr. Starkey does NOT treat children. Children are NOT little adults. They are different. And need different kind of anesthesia medications General 

Anesthesia is often required or Ketamine and while it is much more expensive to have children treated in a general anesthesia center it is prudent to have such treatment by specialists in providing children's anesthesia.