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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

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For new patients there is NO charge for an initial consultation.

If you tell us you saw the offer on our web site you will also get a free panoramic full mouth 2D Radiograph (x-ray of all your teeth) to get a more accurate consultation.

A single implant, the post and a crown is only $1495; this includes necessary 2D x-rays, impressions for surgical guide of needed, and an acrylic or composite crown.

In certain instances we can place the implant, post, and crown in one visit.

Now there are drawbacks and risks such as patient not having enough bone; then bone grafting is necessary and there is a fee for that. In addition it may be that a 3-D scan is required for more accurate diagnoses. We refer patients to a dental radiologist at Creighton University for a second opinion and evaluation of scan. 3- D scans are complex and take special training to accurately read. The fee is to CU and it runs about $200.

Finally the acrylic or composite crown that we make for you will eventually need to be replaced by a porcelain or porcelain fused to metal lab fabricated crown.