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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

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The mouth is the gateway to your body. What happens to your body starts in the mouth. Your whole life is dependent upon your oral cavity to nourish you and to make you successful in life. Dental health affects the whole body. For dentists to just focus on the teeth is to miss the point of Oral Health improvement. 

Dental Phobia?

According to Freud that is perfectly reasonable reaction to dental surgery. The shots hurt, the work hurts, the dentist is right in your face.

A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world.
                      Sigmund Freud.
In other words there is no need to get over your fear of going to the dentist. The dread of the needle; the pain; the drill; the noise. Having some stranger stick their (gloved) hands in your mouth. That to me is a healthy a healthy attitude.

Many patients are told to buck up and take it like a (wo)man. In my practice in the past, patients would not admit that dentistry is stressful. Then what happens is not pleasant experience. They toughed it out. But it wasn't like they got use to it and decided dentistry is not too bad and shots are okay.In fact it ought to disturb any average person.dentistry by shear force of will; there is no need to be upset with yourself for thinking you shouldn't be anxious. Having dentistry done is NOT normal. It is NOT routine. Brushing your teeth; that is normal. Flossing ought to be not scary.  if you don't have to. Starting with IV Sedation visits you will eventually without effort overcome your dental phobia as you build up an understanding and acceptance the phobia recedes.
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Patient's don't have to have anesthesia/sedation to obtain the benefits of IV Dentistry

We do more than fix teeth, we enhance smiles and improve patients overall health with infusion therapy. IV hydration with infused vitamin "cocktails" to build up patient's immunity and energy as well as IV medications to prevent swelling after oral surgery. 

Now You Can Relax

and actually enjoy having much needed dental treatment you have been putting off.

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Enhance Your Smile while enjoying a tranquil calm restful twilight sleep dental therapy  & rejuvenate reinvigorate your mind & body through infusion therapy at the same visit

Dental Implants

Self conscious about your smile. Could missing teeth make you feel a "hole" yet not whole?
Has it become difficult to eat your favorite foods, or are you embarrassed in social situations due to gaps in your smile? If so, dental implants may be able to help you and improve your quality of life. These restorations provide a permanent foundation to support new crowns, and even your existing dentures can be anchored to them to eliminate the need for messy adhesives. Dental implants can dramatically improve your health and confidence by allowing you to regain your beautiful and functional smile. 

Questions and Answers on IV Dentistry

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I have trusted Dr. Starkey for over 20 years and have always appreciated his honest straight forward approach to my dental concerns. He lets me know my options and allows me to choose the treatment that I feel is the best course. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

                                       Tom M.



Oral Facial Enhancement

What are some reasons you might want to call Dr. Starkey for a complimentary consultation?

How is his practice different from other practices that offer sedation or any practice for that matter?

. is qualified to assess your health and for healthy patients that eliminates the need to have to see an MD for additional evaluation, and additional expense and more time out of your busy schedule.

IV (Parenteral) Dentistry permits the use of additional medications that are not sedative in nature but help prevent swelling, pain, manage infection, prevent nausea, clear the airway so patients can breath better and dry the oral cavity so there is reduced risk of saliva contaminating the area being treated. For example, antibiotics in the IV works faster than oral antibiotics and is sometimes needed, IV medications can balance sugar levels, prevent swelling, prevent nausea, manage pain, & keep the patient hydrated. Our IV  makes dentistry safer, and results in a more comfortable post operative recovery, and a more pleasant experience even w/out sedative meds. Not everyone needs sedation but many patients benefit from the other advantages of IV Dentistry.

Tooth loss leads to bone loss. And the reverse is true, too. Losing bone leads to losing teeth.

The "root cause" of this circular oral disaster are Bacteria (germs). And according to one dental anthropologist the cause of most prehistoric humans deaths were due to gum infections

Tooth loss leads to bone loss