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Or is the problem a loose abutment or crown?

1. The abutment is what connects to the implant screw and this is a common problem.  This can be a problem. If the crown is screw on or if a hole is purposely placed in crown and then sealed over then it is easy to access. The abutment has to be removed and the implant surface disinfected along with the abutment and crown. Then can be re seated. The issue is what caused the problem and will it happen again?

2. Sometimes it is if you are lucky just a matter of a loose crown to be removed and recemented or screwed back into the abutment.

Here ares some of the ways we treat failing dental implants:

  1. Check occlusion. Traumatic bite, that is to say acute or chronic uneven pressure that is acting on implant can sometimes cause implant failure.
  2. Peri Implantitis- This is simply advanced gum disease around an implant.
  3. Is the implant stable? If the implant moves a minute amount it is possible to secure implant to adjacent teeth and allow bone regrowth. If implant moves a mm or so it is of doubtful prognosis
  4. Radiographs and 3D scan to determine amount of bone left.
  5. Is the infection or bone loss into sinus or lower nerve?
  6. Is it a matter of esthetics? Do the implant screw  threads show?

Implants can and do fail; sometimes the implant can be treated and the implant and crown salvaged. This involves disinfecting the implant reshaping the implant threads and regenerating bone when needed. Call our office to learn more.

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