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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

Star Sedation Dentistry   

Specializing in Total Dentistry

                     With Advanced Infusion Therapy                   To Rejuvenate the Mind & Body




We do full arch implant bridgework for our patients; some is fixed in the mouth and some is removable depending on patient desires and complexity. For photos of different types go to our photo gallery or click picture below

All on Four to Six Dental implants supporting fixed bridge. Can be done same day.

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Now you can Smile like you mean it; with confidence and happiness; no more self consciousness nor self doubt. With The Life Smile Lift you will have a more positive self regard,  maintain a happier state of mind, improve your outlook on life, become more optimistic; in a few short hours you can rebuild the confidence and self assuredness which over the years seemed to flow away. Positive self regard is absolutely critical to a successful happy life filled with achievements both personal and career. 

Putting up with broken down unattractive painful teeth and ill-fitting denture when one can afford it tends to mean that one does not have a positive self love or self regard or even a true self respect or a misunderstanding of what is truly important in life. Money is Not the issue. Not any more. You have worked hard; it is time to get back into the stream of life and to enjoy it and a fulfilling life means living in GREAT health. Your smile your teeth are right up front. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that is the case then your mouth radiates your self esteem self respect and your health and your self confidence., and your self concept.  The mouth without speaking tells someone more about you than even your clothes your house your car. All of those things are just things. Such material wealth represent how your outward values. But your true unstated values and needs are reflected by your mouth's health.

 With today's state of the art dental systems it is possible to eliminate your embarrassing sick teeth and  annoying dentures in one very comfortable extended visit with the Life Smile Lift Procedure.                  
Call to learn more about this affordable life changing Surgery; you can talk to Melissa our dental implant coordinator or talk to Dr. Starkey himself. If it interests you then consider making a free consultation appointment to meet Dr. Starkey and the Implant Team. 402.926.4848