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​​Q. Why would I choose your practice for sedation dentistry instead of some other dentist office?​

A. Dr. Starkey has provided IV sedation since 1985. He has done over 3,000 sedation procedures safely. Dr. is the only dentist in the state of Nebraska that has achieved level of Master in the College of Conscious Sedation, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.  Dr. Starkey has been trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and practiced in general anesthesia. He is able to use the best anesthesia medications available such as propofol. The medications he uses in IV sedation are non narcotic and non diazepam so recovery is quicker and treatment safer. He is licensed by the of Nebraska in parenteral sedation and was one of the very first to obtain this permit.

His fee for IV sedation is the most reasonable in Omaha. While he is happy to provide oral sedation for patients there are some patients that require deeper better controlled and safer anesthesia. And that is what Dr. Starkey  provides: Modern sedation through monitored anesthesia care (MAC).

There are many great sites that you can google for  answers to your dental questions but if you don’t see yours then email me: or call 402.926.4848 and ask for me or our implant coordinator Melissa.

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Q. Why is it advisable to have geriatric patients or patients over the age of 60 treated under IV sedation?

Patients as they get older are not able to handle stress on their bodies as easily as in the past. Even when a patient thinks there is no problem at the conscious level there are stressors occurring in the physiological state; especially on the cardiovascular system. Geriatric patients are most susceptible to cardiovascular events. It is important to have an IV line already in place in case of emergency medications can be placed on board immediately. A constant supply of supplemental oxygen reduces the work the heart has to perform. Stress does not just show up at a dental surgery visit but post operatively at home the same day or a day or two later. The goal is to reduce the stress on a patient and make the visit comfortable.



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