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This is a photo from which Old Market Restaurant?  It is of a Wyoming Cattle Drive in the dead of winter.

By now you know in our practice there are five phases of treatment.

Phase I - The systemic condition the patient; that is to say the health issues of the patient that can affect dental treatment must first be addressed and brought under control.

Phase II-The Emergent Phase; this is where the dentist deals with oral cavity problems that are acute in nature for the most part; such as pain swelling, infection. This is where teeth are extracted or root canal work is performed and deep decays are managed..

Phase III is the definitive care phase. After the gums and bad teeth are managed then the patient can have more complete long lasting restorations and crowns and fixed or removable bridge work

Phase IV This is the elective phase; it may involve implants, braces, cosmetic dentistry.

Phase V- is the Maintenance Phase; I need to emphasize its importance to long term success.  Patients get their work done and disappear for a few years and are up set or shocked to find the root detoxification we performed three years ago was not a one and done.

The Maintenance Phase Treatment Plan is a critical part of your treatment. 

I tell patients if they cannot commit to the long term care  which may involve coming in to see the hygienist every three months for what seems like for ever then it is often a waste of time and money to have work done that would save teeth or place expensive dental implants because the work will fail.

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