Our Responsibilities & Practice Philosophy

To our patients

We have responsibilities to our patients:

  1.  Patient safety is first and always first and second and third. It is why we want to carefully review your health history and the medications that you take.
  2. Because patient safety is most important we prefer an intravenous line for certain patients and patients sixty and over; the cardiac stresses; anxieties, catacholamines released in the blood stream,  kidney-adrenal-pituitary reflexes; airway protection; blood pressure stability and not spiking;
    this and more is of concern to the dentist and the dental team.
  3. Patient safety extends to our sterile technique and the use of disposables when possible.
  4. Oral Cancer Screening is a critical part of our comprehensive exam and recare visits. It is not the goal of most emergency visits.
  5. Informing patients of the detrimental nature of gum disease is important due to gum disease aggravating the health of the total body.
  6. The Dental Team uses Betadine to disinfect patient mouth before surgery and  rubber dams and screens  when indicated to protect your airway. We know some patients dislike having the rubber dam but it is for patient protection and it does allow patient and staff better vision of the operative area.
  7. We use a nasal hood on our patients to protect against the patient inhaling aerosols or particles from the dental drill and air water syringe. In addition we use full face and eye protection when indicated.
  8. It is important that you know that while we accept most dental plans we are NOT preferred providers of any dental insurance company nor do we see  Medicaid patients. There are plenty of such providers in Omaha. Our relationship is with the patient and not the insurance companies nor the state.
  9. Explanation of patient options explained clearly and to the patient satisfaction; this may require patient guardian in attendance  or it may be advised that patient's significant other be present to ask important questions. Patient has the option to always obtain a second opinion and it is a smart thing to get an opinion from another doctor; the patient has the option to NOT do any dental work in our practice..
  10. We are responsible to give the option for the best  or the optimum treatment for the patient as well as treatment designed to "put out the fires."
  11. It is our duty to explain the fees to the patient's satisfaction prior to starting most all dental work. However as work progresses plans can and do change the result is a different fee  most often higher than anticipated. It is our job to explain as much as we can anticipate such events that might happen that end up changing the treatment plan and change the fees
  12. We have to follow HIPPA guidlines
  13. For patients of record that have an emergency we do our best to see them as soon as possible.  Our patients can call Dr. Starkey any time they feel there is an urgency; if however the patient is unable to get hold of the doctor or staff or office and the patient feels it is an emergency they are advised to call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room.
  14. We will follow up with patients that no show or fail to keep appointment but we are not responsible if the patient does not make an effort to make or keep appointments for continuing care and treatment.

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