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It is also known as Phase VI in Dental Treatment Plans. It  is the Maintenance Phase of dental treatment. After you have survived the restorative work and gum treatment how do you keep your monumental dedication to making your smile healthy and attractive? How do you prevent future problems and make sure the dental work that you paid dearly for does not fail?

For professional Care:

For patients that have  gum disease under control a three month cleaning by the dentist or hygienist is advisable. Sometimes a patient has to be seen monthly until they are able to improve though that is rare.

Professional teeth cleaning

and periodontal probing

Application of antibiotics or other chemo therapy in to perio pockets at the time of cleaning.

Is a night time appliance advisable to reduce bruxing or grinding of teeth that would result in bone loss or loose teeth or periodontal pockets if the habit is not managed.

Sleep Dentistry- if you have sleep apnea would a night time appliance help with airwary and also reduce grinding?

At home

Would a power tooth brush be helpful

Would a different toothpaste or mouth wash be helpful

And you will see below there are many other ideas that might be beneficial to the patient. 

Periodic Cleanings and Check Ups are part of a prevention plan to keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong and to find problems before they get big and expensive. Consider it like maintenance on your vehicle. If you keep your ride well maintained it will be worth more in the market place. When you keep your mouth buffed and healthy you will be worth more in the market place and get more out of life.

Call us now for your check up and cleaning and x rays as needed. We screen for oral cancer and suggest  in some instances a "pap smear" for the mouth.


A Preventive Maintenance Plan

for a healthier more rewarding & satisfactory meaningful life

At the evaluation of the finished work what is the prognosis for the future? What issues need to be discussed or taken care of in the future. What cosmetic procedures do you think you would like? What do you have to do differently to assure long term positive results?

Caries Prevention- if caries (cavities) are a future concern then what can be done to reduce the number and seriousness of cavities? You can scroll down to find more detailed list of possible preventive measures.

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Dental  Surgery 

Ultimately the responsibility of maintaining a healthy smile is yours. At the end of treatment an evaluation of the results has to be made by you and us. Then a Maintenance Plan  is created that is effective and that you agree would be in your best interest

      Master, College of Conscious Sedation American Dental Society of Anesthesiology 


Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

If gum disease is the problem or if it is a combination problem of cavities and gum disease how do you maintain the gums in the final condition in which they were finished being treated? How can you prevent the gum disease from getting worse?

Anesthesia for a pleasant escape

Systemic dentistry  for a better life

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