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Q. What is the difference between sedation and anesthesia?  

A. Anesthesia is a broader term that includes local anesthesia to sedation of varying degrees all the way to general anesthesia.

Q. What is the advantage of IV sedation over general anesthesia?

A. IV sedation produces a similar affect to GA only without the risk of GA and the expense. Plus the recovery time is more rapid. IV sedation is also called moderate sedation, twilight sleep, conscious sedation, or parenteral sedation.

Q. What makes IV sedation better than oral sedation or nitrous oxide (laughing gas)?

A. The answer depends on what is being done and the level of anxiety a patient experiences or the medical difficulty the patient has.

Q.What is the advantage of IV sedation over oral sedation and or relaxing gas?

A. IV sedation has several advantages over oral sedation alone or with relaxing gas.  1. Sedation can be titrated to the level of patient's needs. Often times it is not possible to obtain appropiate sedation with oral sedative and gas. Oral sedation is a guess.  2. IV/N2O-O2 (relaxing gas) combination sedation is much more effective as anesthesia than oral sedation & or relaxing gas. Patients do not recall the visit and the visit seems like only a few moments. 3. Recovery time is faster for IV sedation in our practice because of the type of medication we use.

Q. What is the difference between Dr. Starkey's IV sedation and other general dental practices?

A. Dr. Starkey uses propofol. It is safer than narcotics mixed with diazepam that dentists mostly use. The recovery time is rapid compared to Versed and narcotics. You do not feel dragged out all day as a patient does with narcotic/versed or general anesthesia. It is the most commonly used anesthesia medicine in the world. It is only in the U S that it is tightly controlled in comparison.  Dr. Starkey has been trained in the use of propofol which includes being able to intubate patients in any emergency.

Q. What other advantages does Dr. Starkey have over other IV sedation dental practices?

A.Dr. Starkey's practice is dedicated to dental anesthesia. It is set up for full time use of anesthesia and has instruments equipment and medications that exceed general dental practice requirements by the State of Nebraska Anesthesia Permitting. There is not a part time nurse anesthetist that comes in now and then. We are able to see patients for IV sedation appointments sooner because we are set up to provide IV sedation dentistry every day and that makes up our practice.

Q.Why is Dr. Starkey's practice safer than other GP practices?

A. All of the staff is trained in IV sedation monitoring and assisting. Dr. Starkey has performed over 2500 IV sedation procedures safely. He is accredited as Master in the College of Conscious Sedation, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. Dr. Starkey was only the fourth Dentist to obtain IV sedation permit from the State of Nebraska.

Q. What other advantages does IV sedation from the Dream Dentistry Team provide?

A. We are able to administer IV antibiotics as needed to prevent infection or to help clear up an oral infection. We use powerful pain control medication in the IV as needed and it is NOT a narcotic. We give patients anti nausea drug so that after surgery the patient will not get nauseated from swallowing blood that happens to patients frequently otherwise. We  provide a steroid to prevent swelling after implant or extraction surgery. Swelling does not look very attractive and the swelling causes more pain.

We have available medications to dry the patient's airway. This helps insure a clear airway for the patient to breath and it reduces the risk of saliva getting into the operating site and causing infection or dry socket.

Q. Why does Dr. Starkey advise older patients-those over age 60 to have IV sedation/N2O-O2?

A. As we get older our organs do not work as efficiently. Kidney function and lung and heart function are reduced considerably. Supplemental oxygen helps takes stress off the heart and the sedation takes stress off the whole body. In addition an IV line for emergency med is available in case of an emergency. The risk of medical emergencies goes up in older patients especially cardiac patients.

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