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Relaxing Gas Only

Depending on the procedure it varies from no charge to $225 per hour.

IV Sedation which also is known as Twilight sleep, moderate sedation, or conscious sedation.

This is our most popular anesthesia because it gives you the feeling of general anesthesia in that your visit seems to last only a few minutes and the patient rarely recalls or remembers what happened in a one hour to three hour visit.

It is safe to use. In fact IV line sedation helps protect the patient if there is an emergency. We use Stanley Malamed's Stress Reduction Protocol which means we have patient take oral sedative the night before the visit and then in the morning one hour before the appointment. This is to relax you before you even arrive at the office.

We do use pain control medication during the procedure but it is non-narcotic. We do not use narcotics in our IV sedation procedures. We use the most modern safest sedative drug known as propofol.  It is the most widely used anesthetic drug world wide and the safest. Once we turn off the "milk of amnesia" the patient begins to recover. Recovery is faster than the older system of narcotics and diazepam. 

In most instances you are allowed to have a light snack prior to your visit. Say something like toast and coffee. This is because of the medications high level of safety. For some diabetic patients that is helpful and for those in the habit of having a snack in the morning. Having a light snack and having some thing to drink actually helps reduce pre op anxiety. Of course we do require you stop in the restroom to relieve your self prior to being seated.

The patient must have an escort and a driver and they can be one and the same. See informed consent for more information on what to do before the surgery, at the time of surgery, and then post surgery. 

Dr. Starkey has provided IV Sedation safely for over 3,000 patients since he began providing parenteral anesthesia in 1985. He is certified in the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology at the level of Master of Conscious Sedation. Dr. Starkey has IV permit 004 issued from the State of Nebraska Dental Board. 

Doctor's team uses MAC- monitored anesthesia care. Which means there is a dedicated Sedation monitoring assistant and instrumentation to constantly measure the patient's vital signs.

The Sedation sweet dreams IV is inexpensive in our practice compared to most others. For example a one hour IV sedation appointment  is  only $469. This almost $300 to $800 less than anesthetists might charge.

Sleep Dentistry in this regard refers to sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea. There are appliances that can be made by a dental lab to improve a patient's breathing at night and sometimes teeth grinding is related to sleep apnea. You can talk to Dr. Starkey about that. It is important that you tell us if you have sleep apnea. Resting patients in a dental chair are more susceptable to stress if the patient has sleep apnea.

Dental  Surgery 

Oral Sedation with or without Nitrous Oxide (relaxing gas)

For less stressful or less invasive procedures some patients do fine with a combination of oral sedative and relaxing gas. You do remember everything but are a bit more relaxed. It is mandatory that the patient have a ride and an escort.

The fee for this combination varies with length of procedure. Monitored Anesthesia Care - MAC is required. The fee is about $225 for a one hour procedure.

Note: in all procedures that go two hours the second hour fee is half of the first hour cost.

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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is not offered in our practice at this time. We do work with UNMC to make arrangements for patients with certain medical conditions to have treatment done at the hospital. 

Anesthesia for a pleasant escape

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