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This is such a great idea; I wish I had thought of it. Here is a simple affordable way to get you a great looking smile quickly.  And they are not just affordable they are really low low cost.

These "appliances" are not only for looks but also  for functions like eating or chewing and speech. They will help you get that sale, or job, or boyfriend or girlfriend. However they are not perfection and I would be careful about chewing. A dentist invented this concept and eventually Den Mat, dental company developed the kind of material that would hold up for the patient.

The process is rather simple. You come in for impressions and photos and send the impressions to Snap on Smiles lab for fabrication of your snap on smile.

Snap on Smiles are a little more expensive than Smile Transitions. Both are good but Snap on Smiles was first and there may be a difference in the material.

I have seen ads for Snap on smile type appliances for as low as $25 on the internet. And there are companies that will send you impression material and you send them the molds of your teeth and they will make your  "over teeth teeth." And it is inexpensive.  So you have lots of choices.

In a dental practice a dentist makes provisional crowns and bridges chair side as a matter of routine. But the dentist, and that includes me cannot make them as lustrous and strong as Snap on Smile or Smile Transitions and we cannot make them as inexpensively chair side. 

Our main advantage is that we can provide the teeth right then and there if there is an urgency. But anymore I prefer sending impressions to one of the experienced labs for a longer lasting more affordable stronger provisional set of teeth.

Caveat!  As in warning. These appliances solve an immediate problem but they are NOT permanent. They are provisional; which is a nice word for long term temporary. Also they are NOT perfect in result because the existing teeth in your mouth control where and how the "over teeth" can be made unless those teeth are removed or adjusted. Which is an option and may be prudent in some instances.

Call Dr. Starkey for free consultation to see if Snap on Smiles or Smile Transitions are for you. And you can also go right to the web sites of these two dental labs.

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