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IF you are a new patient and come in for a cleaning and want whiter teeth mention you saw this offer on the web site and our dental team will make you custom fitting whitening retainers for FREE along with the whitening gel.

You now know about our single implant special for $1499. Which includes Panoramic radiograph, exam, focused diagnosis, implant, post and provisional crown. There are conditions of course, such as the need to have adequate bone to do the procedure properly.

You can have an implant and long term porcelain crown for $2500.

We also have a special for lower arch fixed implant bridge. But ONLY if you mention that you saw this offer on our web site.

It includes necessary impressions and you get a fixed acrylic bridge to replace your denture  for only $9,999

The acrylic bridge is warranted for two years.

Alternatively you can have four dental implants and a fixed bridge made of porcelain and metal for $12999.

You will not find a better opportunity in Omaha except at the dental school. And that is the best price in town if you have the time.

Now there are exceptions just as for single implants. You have to have enough bone. There are risks involved with dental implants. Sometimes you can have implant bridge placed at time of implants but sometimes we have to allow for healing; a 3-D scan is needed

Implants can be done for patients who smoke however there is a higher failure rate.

See section Implant Risks & benefits and informed consent.

You get $100 off your first twilight sleep visit if you mention you saw this ad on the internet.

Internet Implant Specials

Free consultation and 2-D panoramic screening radiograph when you mention you saw this on our web site. A $100 value.

  Mini-implants  for lower denture 

You must tell us you saw the offer on our web site.

for patients who are on a tight budget, lack of bone, or with certain health conditions that preclude the more natural fixed implant bridge work.

In one visit you can have 4 mini- implants placed to hold down your existing lower denture. The procedure only takes @1-2 hours only $2,999.

Conditions apply: this is with your existing denture; if new denture or dentures required that will add to cost; sedation not included

Internet Dental Implant Special #1
Single Implant, Post and Composite or acrylic Crown starting from only  $1499 when you mention you saw this special on our web page.
You can also choose to have single implant, post, provisional crown, and final porcelain crown starting at $2495
Included is consultation, 2-D X-rays, & examination
Call for free consultation to see if implants are right for you
Conditions apply of course; not included are ancillary treatments that are sometimes required: such as bone grafting, surgical guide; bite appliance to protect implant, extractions, iv anesthesia; in esthetic zones, complex cases and  the factors of certain health conditions add to the cost of treatment.
Complete Dental Implant  placement and teeth at  one Omaha Dental Practice
     Thorough and very competitively priced: implant post and crown from $1499.
With our twilight sleep your treatment can be pleasant, calm, comfortable, and convenient.