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These are "The Best of Times" for Americans alive today, especially young adults and those of you with decades more life to enjoy. It has to do with more free time, more interesting diversions, and Medicine/Dentistry has vastly improved to speeding up the patient  recovery from all those things pernicious and debilitating. The Doctors are better than ever at getting patients back to health and into the stream of life again.

I am a beneficiary of modern medicine and dentistry; I suspect many of you have been brought back to  life so  to speak.

.I have several implants myself. I grew up before fluoride was in the water; I don't suffer from a sweet tooth; all of my teeth are sweet.

Dental implant advancement has made dentures obsolete.

Now however it is de rigueur to have a bright white smile and straight teeth. Dental School Instructors taught us Class 1 Division 1But now having a great smile is  now dental implants are the future. Implants are the de rigor.Implants are not for everyone for obvious reasons:

  1. Who can afford them? While Implants are the closest thing to your own teeth and they last for decades for most patients consider implants a luxury; especially younger adults.
  2. Some patients cannot have implants for health reasons or have had trouble getting implants to take

We have young patients who have for various reasons not been able to maintain their teeth and need to have them extracted and dentures placed.

The problem is they will lose jaw bone over the years. Half of their alveolar bone that supports dentures will disappear in a year. Then they will lose about one mm a year for rest of their lives.

EVEN if a young patient has bone grafting done to preserve the bone loss will continue. Fortunately at a slower rate.

For many adults having a denture made is actually a celebratory time. It is a time for happiness and joy. So what if they cannot afford implants or they have health issues that preclude implant dentistry.

The reasons to be happy for the patient who ends up with dentures?

  1. The patient  possibly even you has suffered many years with bad teeth.
  2. You or a loved one avoided socializing and showing  a big smile; laughing confidently  social gatherings. For fear of bad breath or brown broken yellow and decayed teeth you are held back from expressing your  appreciation of life and connection with humans.
  3. Painful bouts and potentially serious infections.

Now no one but a dentist would give the following thought any concern. But let me ask you. How did most humans die in the prehistoric times. 

 Why? Because they will finally get teeth to smile with and be out of pain. And be more outwardly sociable. Dentures are an affordable way to move toward a healthy mouth. 

Yes they are uncomfortable for some, yes they get loose with time.

That is the worst part.. It is not having to wear dentures that is the problem.because that solves an otherwise expensive impossible problem for patients  that are needing money to raise kids and to advance their career, get a home, or a new car.