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Benefits of our Sedation Dental Center
Dental Implants, bone grafting, teeth in a day, mini implants, dentures

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Star Smiles is the part of our practice that helps patients get the smile they want at the most affordable price and without having to see the dentist or an orthodontist. Below is a list of services that you can have done by internet if you want but the results are better if you have a Dentist Assistant walk you through the steps because it is a bit confusing no matter what the internet sites claim. And you still save the same amount of money only some one is available to help you personally.

Star Smiles

Great Smiles and teeth without having to see the doctor.  Unless you want to see him for Q and A. Sometimes the doctor needs to take a look but the work will be done by lab, and Dental Tech Team, Computers. and scanners. It is a whole new way to treat patients. The result is better quality at lower price.

The benefit is saving you money and time and seeing you sooner. 

Teeth Device Categories

Clear Aligners- For Teeth Alignment

The Ortho Tech takes a 3 D scan of your jaw and the lab digitizes the scan to make models of your teeth and how they will need to be changed so you have the sets of retainers done and only one set of impressions are needed if that.

Devices for Missing Teeth

Teeth in a Day- Call us because teeth in a day can be done but it takes planning.

A Tooth in an hour- we can show you how its done and with your cooperation it will be more interesting and rewarding because you are ultimately the creationist and we are here to help you get what you want and need.

Click In Smile- something like snap on teeth or snap on veneers. An impression is required for lab work.


A 3 Dscan is made of your teeth and from that a lab can use a computer to create your new denture by shaping a block of acrylic. It is quite amazing. It is more accurate than the old way of making dentures when lab techs waxed teeth
Partial Dentures

Upper Dentures

Upper and Lower Dentures

Anti-Snoring Device
Night Guards
Retainers for Teeth

Hawley Retainers
Invisible Retainers
Temporary Instant Retainers

Sports Guards

Whitening Trays