Gum Disease Correlation with Systemic Disease

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease. In fact it is my opinion that it can be at times an auto immune disease where in the body attacks itself.

THE cause of gum disease is bacteria; having said that; it is the immune system’s response to the bacteria that can cause health problems much greater than teeth or gums and that are transferred from the oral cavity to other parts of the body.

The immune system in reaction to foreign bodies and toxic molecules puts the white blood cell soldiers to work; in addition cortisol is an important chemical released to help the body’s defense system; this is the way the body was designed to operate; however not over prolonged periods. Gum disease is a chronic illness that forces the body to constantly manufacture  cortisol; reactive proteins; specifically C reactive proteins are created flow into the blood stream and irritate the lining of blood vessel walls; the result is a thickening of the walls and higher blood pressure; 

Emotional stress, psychic stress, physical stress are progenitors of cortisol; chronic stress causes the continual  release of cortisol by the endocrine system.

Sugar as you know is a problem for teeth because it is acidic and food for bacteria. High fructose diets damage teeth but also the pancreas; it causes the pancreas to produce insulin over time the result can be an inflamed pancreas and or diabetes adult on set.

The creepy thing about fructose is tumors need them to grow and to grow fast; tumors don’t grow from fat intake.

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