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Your Vagus nerve is the anti inflammatory pathway to the brain. Calming the Vagus calms the brain; you can activate the Vagus by Yoga, breathing, meditation, ice cold drinks, laughter, singing, probiotics, healthy diet, exercise. A suppressed vagus can result in dry mouth, depressive state, compromised immune system.

The vagus nerve, also known as the wondering nerve innervates all of these organs. It controls the saliva in your mouth. Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable it makes the mouth more prone to cavities and gum disease and bad breath. Usually the vagus nerve sends signals to the brain that all is calm. It can be and is shut down by the sympathetic neurotic nervous system that you control directly. As for example when you are frightened you get dry mouth. You can control the vagus  however through yoga, meditation etc.

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease and for some it could be the result of an autoimmune process. Where the body works at destroying itself.  Toxins, bacteria cause the body to over react to the assault  going on in the mouth. The result is the body destroys itself while trying to eliminate the foreign bodies.  Meticulous home care is the main way to prevent your  immune system from over reacting.

This is the vagal activation pose... good luck with that.

A healthy life starts with your mouth.

Bacteria in the gut can control your brain's mood. There is good and bad bacteria. The bacteria in your gut that is bad often comes from the gum disease in your mouth.

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