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Below are some interesting correlations between gum disease and systemic diseases and some ideas on how to manage gum disease. Gingivitis can be reversed. But once the disease has broken down bone and connective tissue it cannot be reversed but it can be managed. In addition to the tips below you can go to the prevention section to get ideas regarding more practical "hands on" ideas for prevention and management of gum disease and decays.

Germs are messing with your mind. The germs of the mouth and the GI System signal/activate the Vagus nerve that sends information from the gut to the brain. Depending on the bacteria the signal could be stress reduction and calming or stress inducing and anxiety producing.
While germs are the cause of gum 
disease it is not the germs that destroy
the gums and bone; the destruction is caused by the body's immune system
attacking itself while in the process of trying to kill the bacteria.
The result of acute and chronic gum disease is a break out of the inflammatory disease to other parts of the body including the brain.

The above is a photo of ANUG also known as trench mouth. Called that because soldiers in the trenches in WW 1 suffered this. It is caused by stress, not enough sleep, poor oral hygiene, bacteria. When seen these days it is often in college students that stay  up late, have a poor diet. The result is the body is more susceptible to disease because such a life style

lowers their immune system so that bacteria can get in and the body's reaction is destruction of the gums.

It is a periodontal disease of a sort. It is acute and necrotizing. Antibiotics and hygiene and sleep and diet are the cures.

How Gum diseases and rampant caries (lots of decay) affect your overall health

Gum Disease Correlation with Systemic Disease

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease; for some it is an extreme over reaction of the  body's immune system where in the body attacks itself.

THE cause of gum disease is bacteria; having said that; it is the immune system’s response to the bacteria that can cause physical emotional  health problems beyond the oral cavity. Chronic demand of the Hypothalmus Pituitary Adrenal axis.

The immune system in reaction to foreign bodies and toxic molecules puts the white blood cell soldiers to work; in addition cortisol is an important steroid released to prevent the body’s defense system from destroying the body. In extraordinary HPA axis putting endocrines in blood stream the result is more damage to gums. Steroid cortisol is also released to counter act the over active immune response;this is the way the body was designed to operate; however not over prolonged periods. Gum disease is a chronic illness that forces the body to constantly manufacture  cortisol; reactive proteins; specifically C reactive proteins are created flow into the blood stream and irritate the lining of blood vessel walls; the result is a thickening of the walls and higher blood pressure; 

Emotional stress, psychic stress, physical stress are progenitors of cortisol; chronic stress causes the continual  release of cortisol by the endocrine system.

Sugar as you know is a problem for teeth because it is acidic and food for bacteria. High fructose diets damage teeth but also the pancreas; it causes the pancreas to produce insulin over time the result can be an inflamed pancreas and or diabetes adult on set.

The creepy thing about fructose is tumors need them to grow and to grow fast; tumors don’t grow from fat intake.