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Dr. Michael A. Starkey is a leading sedation dentist, providing patients with exceptional dental care minus the stress and anxiety usually associated with trips to the dentist. He is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master of Conscious Sedation, combining advanced dental surgery techniques with skilled sedation. Good oral health is crucial to a happy, healthy life. Still, millions of people neglect trips to the dentist every year, neglecting their teeth and gums with often devastating results. At Starkey Sedation Dentistry, we are sympathetic to our patients who have been avoiding dental care for any reason. We know that visiting the dentist can be traumatic for many people, and we respond with compassion and attentiveness.

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Complete Restorative, Cosmetic, and Preventive Dentistry

Starkey Sedation Dental offers a complete range of routine dental care, restorative services, and cosmetic dentistry, because it isn’t just about your health. An attractive smile lights up you face, boosting your confidence and welcoming others. Do not let missing or discolored teeth embarrass you or limit your lifestyle. We offer complete restorative and cosmetic dental procedures that can change your life, including:

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Sedation Dentistry in a Comfortable Setting

Early in his career, Dr. Starkey recognized that many patients feared going to the dentist because complex dental procedures such as implants, crowns, root canals, and extractions were routinely performed using local anesthetics. While this relieves pain, it does nothing to alleviate anxiety or fear. Oral sedation offers some relief but is not the best choice for many patients.

The solution is simple – offer sedation options usually not available in a dentist’s office to put patients at ease and remove anxiety from the equation. Dr. Starkey administers IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and local sedation in various combinations tailored to each patient’s needs to provide a positive experience with excellent results. He is fully qualified to administer, monitor, and adjust all forms of sedation, including IV sedation, with strict safety protocols always in place.

Serving Under-Represented Populations

Elderly individuals, the medically compromised, and those with special needs often avoid getting their teeth cleaned and repaired because they are uncomfortable with the limited sedation options available at most dental practices. At Starkey Sedation Dental, these patients have our utmost respect. We explain every procedure in detail and choose the ideal blend of sedation to alleviate anxiety without compromising patient health and safety.

Affordable Sedation Dentistry

While many dental practices offer oral sedation or nitrous oxide, sleep sedation and IV sedation are most often provided in a hospital or oral surgeon’s office, making them impractical and expensive. Dr. Starkey’s continuing education and experience permit him to offer sedation options in his dental office for far less than you would expect. His cost-conscious approach, integrity, and devotion to his patients’ comfort reduce anxiety and eliminate fear.

If you have not been to a dentist but want to improve your dental health, contact our office at Star Sedation Dentristry Office Phone Number (402) 397-7827 for details on how Starkey Sedation Dental can help.