Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

 “I can’t go. It will hurt,” your inner voice screams. 

Does fear of pain keep you away from the dentist? 

Is this you? — Do you have problems with at least a couple of your teeth? You’re thinking, “Oh, yes! I need to go to the dentist.” 

Then, your inner voice screams, “I can’t go. It will hurt. I can’t stand the sharp tools they use to pick around my teeth and gums. Forget those drills. I’ll just wait a little while longer. It isn’t that bad” 

Your fears are holding you back from 

  • a pain-free mouth 
  • the ability to eat whatever and whenever you want. 
  • A smile that is so much nicer because you aren’t hurting. 

Here at Sedation Dentistry 

  • We understand your fears. 
  • We know that it is normal to worry about a visit to a dentist. 
  • We also know how to give you a pain-free visit. You won’t think about the tools or the drills. 

We are experienced in the use of IV anesthesia called Sedation Dentistry. 

  • You’ll relax 
  • A long visit will seem like only a few moments. 
  • You won’t even recall the time in the chair.

Warning — the longer you wait to take care of dental problems, the worse it will get. The pain can change overnight. 

Call our office and someone will visit with you and explain how to get a pain-free mouth so you’re not afraid to smile

Phone number: 402-397-7827. 

If you know someone suffering from dental fears, give them our phone number. We can help.