How does IV Sedation work?

8 steps for IV sedationPerson receiving IV sedation at Star Sedation Dental 

  1. We ask if you’ve had anything to eat. If you haven’t, we will give you a little something to eat and/or drink. 
  2. We take your basic vitals: blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level. 
  3. We’ll let you sit in our dental chair and give you a warm blanket to help keep you comfortable.
  4. We put a blood pressure cuff on your arm to monitor your blood pressure.
  5. We also attach lines from you to the monitor to watch your heart and breathing.
  6. Finally we administer fluids, medications and nutrients directly into your vein. 
  7.  Now relax and let Dr. Starkey and his staff take care of you.
  8. You will wake up and remember very little. You’ll probably ask, “When are we starting?”

If you have more questions, call and ask us.
We want you to be comfortable and understand your treatment.

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