Sedation and Medications

  1. We give you propofol during your twilight infusion for your dental surgery.
    • It’s considered a near perfect sedation medication.
    • It has a short recovery time.
    • We can give the smallest amount you need — titrated to the appropriate level for you.
    • It is the most successful and commonly used anesthesia in the world.
    • Many dentists use Midazolam, BUT propofol is safer. You recover more rapidly.
  2. Diprivan © is the brand we use.
  3. Maybe you just need extra pain control. So, we give you non-narcotic meds in your IV.
    • Ketorolac
      • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for pain (NSAID)
      • Specifically for moderate to severe pain.[3]
    • Ketamine gives you a pleasant feeling after surgery. It is safer than narcotics.
      • A non-narcotic
      • Acts very fast.
    • These IV meds make you more comfortable.
    • They make your recovery easier.
  4. Other IV meds we use prevent or reduce
    • Swelling
    • Nausea
    • Dehydration

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