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You can see on left how thin no prep ceramic/porcelain no prep veneers are compared to the veneers on the right which are thicker.  Prep veneers cost more because there is tooth preparation. No prep is like a dream come true for both dentist and patient for its simplicity and affordability. And in the example cases above the outcome is fabulous.


The photos to the left show a patient that we bonded a false tooth in place as well as bonding and reshaping other teeth. This was done in one visit chair side. It is an affordable way to give a patient what they need in one visit.

You can see after pictures further down.

This would have been a difficult no prep veneer case because the alignment of the teeth was too far from ideal. However Standard veneering would have been an excellent solution and longer lasting. The problem was the expense.

No prep veneers are a great solution to some patients problems they are close to the same price as bonding chair side and about $500 cheaper than veneering that requires tooth reduction for an optimum outcome.

And it is easy on the patient. No shots, no drilling, and a result that keeps its luster and smoothness and lighter color. Bonding will stain over time.

The problem with no prep veneers are 1. if you want to remove them they have to be cut off and that will result in removing some enamel of natural tooth so porcelain or ceramic veneers cannot be said to be totally reversible. 2. The veneers are made ultra thin. In some instances that makes the veneer more liable to break or crack. For example if a tooth sticks out a bit and you want it to look in line then the veneer has to be thin and the others thicker.So you might get a thicker more protrusive smile than you want. 3. They are NOT perfection.

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