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Regular or large diameter- All on Four Fixed dental Bridge done with ceramic teeth     

 $14,950 per arch.

This is a ceramic bridge that is  cemented on to four dental implants.

Not included is pink ceramic at gum line. You can see the top teeth are longer than normal due to bone loss. Pink ceramic can make teeth look more natural. However this patient did not have a big smile that would show gums so he was happy to save money with just regular tooth colored ceramic. Note: with this very special offer implants are placed and the gums and bone have to heal before we can place ceramic bridge work. It does NOT include provisional bridge while implants and gum is healing. If you have a denture now then we will relieve it and place liner so you will be okay. If you have to have teeth removed then you may want to have a provisional denture made while you are healing. We can discuss those options.

You can have a fixed bridge to replace lower denture for example and have it made of plastic instead of ceramic that is very affordable

Only $9,995

This is a staged treatment. The implants are placed and the bone has to heal before placing bridge work.

Now it is possible for us to provide teeth in a day but that is an additional fee  due to various reasons.

Sometimes four implants are not adequate, sometimes there is not enough bone. Sometimes patients want to have immediate fixed bridge work. There are many variables to consider.

Four implants is the minimum required. It is prudent to have more implants in some situations. Actually in most situations. Because if one implant fails the implant bridge will still be functional. 

As to what is optimum? It depends. I prefer to place six implants in the upper arch and five in the lower arch this is over engineered  but allows for un expected failure of an implant. Four implants I do for cost saving to the patient. And you can see in the photo to the left I placed four implants in the upper arch and four on lower arch and three years out the bridges are doing fine.

You will want to look at informed consent. So you know all the risks. and understand that check up and cleanings will be needed every three to six months depending on patient home care. The implants won't decay. Yeah! But they can get gum disease around them known as peri-implantitis.

Note: The advantage of this plan especially for the lower is that if you decide to have a fixed lower bridge in the future you will already have implants in place for the ceramic bridge. However if you know you will not be going to fixed bridge work I recommend the mini implants for over denture listed below because  it is half the price and works as well or better than larger diameter over dentures on the lower arch.

Mini implants for over dentures special

Four regular sized Dental Implants and a removable over denture that can be removed for easier home care. 

Implants and removable denture can be placed the same day

Conditions apply of course. For example there has to be enough bone to place implants. This does not include anesthesia fees, 3 D xray, nor extractions, nor bone grafting for example

All on 4 Dental Full Upper or lower removable denture. The teeth are made of acrylic like dentures with special slots for implants to hold denture  in place.   special only $7,999 per arch

The most Affordable Implants in Omaha

Dental Implant including post and composite crown for only $999.

Conditions apply see details below and information on dental implants button.

These specials are only available to you if you either tell us you saw the specials on line when you call the Sedation Dental Team for appointment or when you send in on line registration or appointment form you saw this Ad and want to take advantage of it.

You can have All on 4 Implants and fixed or removable implant upper or lower arch bridge for as low as $249 per month with your good credit.

You can have All on 6 implants ceramic bridge for only $499 per month with your good credit.

It includes IV sedation to make your visit enjoyable. But conditions apply. For example good health of patient and adequate bone for placement of appropriate implant size.

Notes on Single implant and post  and

& Composite Crown

for Only $999 but it is only if you tell us you found the special on our web site.

Take advantage of our individual implant special for $999 each. This includes Panoramic radiograph, exam, focused diagnosis, implant, post and composite or acrylic crown.  Composite and acrylic  crowns are warrantied for two years but we have had patients with provisional crowns going on 5 years.  Eventually lab fabricated restorations made of harder material such as zirconium is advised.

With the above opportunity you can get teeth and implants right at same time.

You can elect to have the long term final crown(s) made of zirconium for $995 each.  And that offer would be good for up to a year after your provisional composite or acrylic  crown. This way you can spread the financial payments and get immediate results and of course later get the long lasting more durable Zirconia crown.

Conditions apply of course. Much depends on the amount of bone available for an implant. Often bone grafting is required to have enough bone for an implant, sometimes teeth have to be extracted, sometimes over all oral health and physical/neurological health needs to be addressed first.

We also have a special for lower arch fixed implant bridge. But ONLY if you mention that you saw this offer on our web site.

It includes necessary impressions and you get a fixed acrylic bridge to replace your denture  for only $9,999

The acrylic bridge is warranted for two years.

Alternatively you can have four dental implants and a fixed bridge made of porcelain and metal for $12999.

You will not find a better opportunity in Omaha except at the dental school. And that is the best price in town if you have the time.

Now there are exceptions just as for single implants. You have to have enough bone. There are risks involved with dental implants. Sometimes you can have implant bridge placed at time of implants but sometimes we have to allow for healing; a 3-D scan is needed

Implants can be done for patients who smoke however there is a higher failure rate.

See section Implant Risks & benefits and informed consent.

Mini implants work best when they are used to hold dentures in place in areas where there is a lack of bone and the bone is hard. The lower jaw is generally the best place.

Our special for overdenture mini implants is

4 mini implants and connected to patients existing bridge only $2495

If a new dentures are required then the cost for the lower arch would be 3995 and up.

 The Dream Team Dental Specials

Available to new patients and old patients and current patients that see these fabulous ​opportunities to save money on their treatment when they say they saw these specials on the internet.

A free initial consultation, which includes a free exam focused on your main concern, and a free 2 D Panoramic X-ray that shows all the teeth so you can get a feel for just how your teeth are doing.

Complete Dental Implant  placement and teeth at  one Omaha Dental Practice
     Thorough and very competitively priced: implant post and crown from $999.
With our twilight sleep your treatment can be pleasant, calm, comfortable, and convenient.

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