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A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world.

Sigmund Freud.

In other words there is no need to get over your fear of dentistry if you don't have to. Starting with IV Sedation visits you will eventually without effort overcome your dental phobia as you build up an understanding and acceptance the phobia recedes.
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Dental Implants

Are missing teeth making your life miserable? Has it become difficult to eat your favorite foods, or are you embarrassed in social situations due to gaps in your smile? If so, dental implants may be able to help you and improve your quality of life. These restorations provide a permanent foundation to support new crowns, and even your existing dentures can be anchored to them to eliminate the need for messy adhesives. Dental implants can dramatically improve your health and confidence by allowing you to regain your beautiful and functional smile. 

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I have trusted Dr. Starkey for over 20 years and have always appreciated his honest straight forward approach to my dental concerns. He lets me know my options and allows me to choose the treatment that I feel is the best course. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

                                       Tom M.



Oral Facial Enhancement

Omaha Sedation Dental Center specializes in comprehensive dental care with dental anesthesia. Your smile desires and dental needs  can be an enjoyable experience with Sweet Dreams Dentistry.   IV Dentistry allows you to have additional medications. For example, antibiotics in the IV works faster than oral antibiotics and is sometimes needed, IV medications can balance sugar levels, prevent swelling, prevent nausea, manage pain, & keep the patient hydrated. Our IV  makes dentistry safer, more comfortable post operative recovery, and a more pleasant experience even w/out sedative meds. Not everyone needs sedation but most everyone can benefit by IV treatment.

Need one of your teeth replaced ASAP?                                                             Dr. Starkey can often place implant post and provisional crown  in one extended visit.
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Achieve Your Objectives and finally confront putting off the one thing that has been on your  mind for years. Get your smile back in shape and make it an enjoyable comfortable worthwhile use of your time and money.

Many patients avoid seeing the dentist because of fear; dread the thought of shots, of the noisy drill, and having to take time out of their  busy life schedule.

  Man's constant desire is to improve and to achieve requires he feel good and be confidant. Our job is to get you back in action in the day to day combat known as work and family:). By using sedation we can take your mind of dental worries and concentrate on something that you prefer to do.

Individual Dental  Implants                                                             We provide a wide variety of dental implant services depending on patient's needs.

To set up an appointment for a free consultation call  Melissa our implant coordinator. She can answer some of your questions or you can talk to Dr. Starkey himself

Tooth loss leads to bone loss. And the reverse is true, too. Losing bone leads to losing teeth.

The "root cause" of this circular oral disaster are Bacteria (germs). And according to one dental anthropologist the cause of most prehistoric humans deaths were due to gum infections

Same day visit extraction, implant, and provisional crown 
Now you don’t have to be without teeth and get more done in one appointment.
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Tooth loss leads to bone loss

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