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Because of the thin bone but having some height I was able to place a mini implant for a single tooth. The esthetics for mini implants are more difficult to obtain because the mini implant is so much smaller than a regular root diameter and the bone thinner,

To the right is a more regular size dental implant. You can see it is much thicker than the mini implant above.

Here is an example of mini implants used in the back area where molars and premolars once existed.

The problem was a lack of bone. The bone was denser and thinner in the lower jaw so we were able to place mini implants. In the upper the bone was too shallow and lacked density for mini implants.

You can see the result. One can see the implant margins and note how long the crowns look. But this was not an esthetic case this was a function case and the patient did not show the margins next to the gums when smiling.

This is a visual to the right of how mini dental implants are usually put to work.

Mini implants are most often used to help lower dentures stay in place. But in certain instances they can be used in place of regular diameter implants such as where bone is narrow.  The benefits and advantages are mini implants are less expense,  less invasive, and teeth can often be placed on them right away. The risks disadvantages are they can only be used in special situations. They are weaker than regular diameter implants. You can compare the size of mini implant with regular implant at bottom of page.

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