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Unless other wise indicated by the referring dentist, we treat patients for the immediate problems that the doctor is referring for and then the patient is returned to the referring doctor's practice for continued care and maintenance. Doctors are welcome to come to the center to treat patients while we provide anesthesia services.

You can call reception at 402.926.4848 (IV4U) or email if you prefer.

It is rare but it does happen that some patients require general anesthesia or multiple doctors in hospital setting in case of ASA III patients. Our practice treats adults and young adult dental patients in an outpatient surgical setting that is limited to ASA I and II patients and patient who with proper phase I treatment can be converted to ASA IIb patients. That is determined at some point before or during consultation with patient;  if that is the case I will discuss options with the referring Doctor.

We do not treat children under the age of 14. Children are not little adults; there is Boystown Pediatric anesthesia services for children for example, or the Omaha Surgical Center, and hospital dentistry. It is expensive but really takes seeing a pediatric anesthesiologist for safe visit.

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